A Girl Walks into an Herb Store

As those of you who know me can attest, I’m not the world’s most socially adept chick. And I have now twice in two weeks experienced something I’m just not sure how to handle. I walk in to an herb shop to purchase odds and ends to keep this business going and another customer comes up to me asking about my teas and whether I have anything for this or that. Now of course I’m thinking “Hey! A new customer!” Unfortunately the shop owner’s face says “Hey! That’s my customer!”

Now, let me be clear, this has happened to me twice in two weeks at two different herb shops in two different cities. It’s not like I’m just lurking around my local herb store trying to snag customers. Pretty much exactly the opposite, actually – today I was miles away from home, hungry, sleepy (see this morning’s/last night’s post), and with a cranky baby along. All I wanted was to buy some tea bags and be on my merry way before we had a major meltdown. I had just loudly announced that I was exhausted and couldn’t think of the word for what I needed but it was in this drawer over here when this lady came up to me and asked if I made tea to help you sleep. “Why as a matter of fact I do!” was my incredulous reply. “Really? What’s in it?” I explain what’s in my tea, and that’s cause I’m still nursing but I make this other tea too and hand her my card. At which point the shop keeper returned from who knows where looking at me like I just shot her puppy…

After this happened last week (at a different shop, remember) and the shop owner gave me a look that said, “That’ll be just enough out of you, Missy”, I decided to just not go to that shop anymore. It kind of made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing anyway, so no big loss. But AGAIN? I’m happy to know people meet me and can tell I know my herbs, but I’m sad to think I’m either alienating the shop owners I rely on, or I have to start taking all my business online…

Just another day in the life, creating Kures!Image

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