All Natural’s a Good Thing, Right?

I debated whether to post this here, since it’s not directly related to the tea business. Then I decided – hey! It’s my business, and my blog, so I’ll post what I want to! Hope you enjoy 🙂

I went to do my laundry this morning and noticed that my “laundry booster” had the label “All Natural” on it. And it got me thinking – if sodium tetraborate, which also contains the caution that it’s an eye irritant and may be harmful if swallowed, can be labeled “All Natural” what exactly does that term mean when I find it on my chicken in the supermarket?

So I did what any savvy shopper does and Googled it. :S And what I found was less than heartening. As far as I can tell, “All Natural” doesn’t have a formal definition. Go ahead, Google it yourself. Maybe I missed some obvious thing. I am nothing if not humble about my internet foo abilities. But everything I came across said that “Natural” had been specifically defined as “undefined” by the FDA. And even wikipedia shied away from making a declarative definition. Hmmmm. 

So the question is – if it’s not defined, who do companies put it on their labels? BECAUSE WE BUY IT IF WE DO! Think about it. If you see “all natural” on one item and not the other when you’re shopping, what do you do? I know what I’d do – I’d buy the “all natural” even if it cost a bit more. Joke’s on me (us?) though. Because there is NO ADDED VALUE to “all natural”. It doesn’t mean anything! LOL! Those tricky tricky marketing experts! They are so clever.

With all that said, I just want to reassure you right here and now. Keri’s Kures ARE all natural. For real. All our ingredients are organically grown, except those things that can’t be farmed traditionally, in which case they are wild harvested. They are pulled from the ground, or clipped with scissors, or whatever, they are washed in WATER, allowed to dry, chopped and shipped to me. I chop them up some more, sometimes, then remix them and put them in a bag. What could be more natural than that?

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