One Woman Show

I was beginning to get a bit disheartened. What I had been so supercharged and excited about starting almost two months ago was already starting to feel like a major drag. I was staying up late almost every night – midnight, two a.m. – with NO RESULTS. Working, working, working with no reward is just no where for me to be! I was spending hours upon hours behind this computer and getting NOWHERE! No e-commerce website, no Etsy sales, then finally, I broke my Keri’s Kures email! 

It turns out, breaking that email may have been the best thing for me! It frustrated me so much I said to hell with it all and started working on my formulas for Help Me Not Slap a Bitch and Help My Allergies. Today my son woke me up at 4 a.m. By the time he went back to sleep around 5:30 I was wide awake. But I wasn’t pissed! I was psyched! This would give me a few hours to work on the Bitch formula. And what a payoff! I found a creative new way to make a PMS/ Menstrual tea that (as far as I can tell) no one else is using. If it’s effective, it’s going to be the most DELICIOUS menstrual tea on the market! And that’s when it hit me –  THIS is what I love. And THIS is why I started this business. So I can put my knowledge and creativity to work to bring you wonderful new teas that are so great you don’t even notice they’re medicine.

It’s only temporary, being a one-woman show. Someday I’ll be able to afford a super-smart info tech person to make my internetting experiences easy. I’ll be able to afford to pay a prettification expert to make labels straight and color-coordinated. But until then, I’m going to put a little less pressure on myself to try to do it all myself (well, except for all the great help I get from friends!) and focus on what I do best – making teas! And I hope you choose to buy Keri’s Kures anyway 🙂

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