Tea Development FAQs

So I’ve had a lot of questions lately about how I decide which ailments I’m going to address with my teas. So I thought I’d take a moment to address that question generally. I hope you enjoy. If I don’t answer your question here, feel free to leave a comment below and I will address it ūüôā

Keri’s Kures exists for YOU the customer. I make teas specifically for friends and family that are tailored to their specific needs, but those offered to our customers are formulated based on popular request, often via comments and polls on our Facebook page. I certainly hope you take the time to check it out and add your ideas and opinions.

Generally how it works:

– I get several requests for a certain type of tea

– I usually put up a poll on Facebook to ask which of the teas to focus on next: the most votes gets priority

– I look into those teas and start research, discarding those ideas that are not feasible (a tea to prevent allergies, for example)

– Once those teas are developed and ready for “Tasting”, I put up a new poll to determine which teas to focus on next.

Below is a list of teas in their various stages. I will be posting a question to Facebook soon to determine which teas to focus on next!

Available for Order

Help Me Sleep    Help Baby Sleep        Help Mama Sleep

Help My Stomach          Help My Back


Help Me Not Slap A Bitch      Help Me Wake    Help Me Stop Pooping

Help Baby’s Teeth

Research and Development

Cold and Flu      Help Me Poop    Help My Arthritis

Help Me Poop    Help My Hot Flashes

Requested/Not Started

Headaches     Help Me Think      Help My Anxiety

Help Me Eat Less    Help Me Eat More     Help My Whooping Cough

Help Me Want IT More   Help Me Want IT Less

Help My Mood     Help My Varicose Veins

My goal in all this is to help YOU feel better! So if your need for Help isn’t listed above, feel free to leave a request as a Comment or join the conversation on our Facebook page. Aren’t sure what herbal remedies can and can’t address? That’s okay! Neither did I when I started all this ten years ago. Just jump on in, no judgement. We’ll learn together!

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