Tips and Tricks to Win Free Tea and/or an Indiegogo Perk

WANT TO WIN THIS?                                                                    

Thneed-Inspired Sleeper – part of our newest Baby/Child Gift Set 


I’ve had some questions lately along the lines of, “I’ve been sharing your Indiegogo link, and I know people are clicking on it, why haven’t I won yet?”

I SO appreciate your support! And I want to support you in winning free prizes! So here are a few things to help you problem-solve:

1. Are you signed in to Indiegogo?

Indiegogo assigns a specific link customized to you so they can track your referrals and report back to me. You can check by looking at the top right-hand side of the page when you’re on the Indiegogo site. If it says “Hi” and your name, then you’re signed in. If it doesn’t, simply click “Sign Up” or “Log In”. If you don’t already have an Indiegogo account, don’t worry, it’s EASY! They have a “Log in with Facebook” option that is only one click.

So, long story short: make sure you’re signed in to Indiegogo, then copy & paste the link that’s below the video 🙂

2. Are your referrals just clicking the link? Or are they exploring the site?

Indiegogo counts a “referral” as when you get someone interested enough in my campaign that they seem to be exploring the information on my site, not just clicking the link then closing the page. A for sure way they do this is to determine whether the person clicked the link video. But you can get referral credits for other in-site click too. I’m not entirely clear on how many clicks they require to count the referral.

So, long story short: make sure you write something enticing when you share the link, so your contact is motivated to explore the site 🙂

3. When are you sharing the link?

I’ve found that I get more “referrals” if I post at the times of day that the people who follow me are more likely to be online. If you’re noticing that you’re not getting many referrals, pay attention to the time of day that most of your friends are posting and try to share the link at that time. Otherwise, your post may be getting lost in the shuffle. Another strategy would be to email the link directly to ensure your friends see it.

So, long story short: make sure you’re sharing when your friends are available 🙂

I’m so excited to be able to share tips and ideas for you to be able to win free tea. But remember – the person with the most contributions wins the free Perk at the end of our campaign!

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