Revolutionize your Tea Experience with Teafu

My nasty solution to messy tea balls

My nasty solution to messy tea balls

Gross, right? I know! I’m kind of embarrassed to put this out on the internet for all to see. EXCEPT that I need it to illustrate my point. Because I have solution!  It’s gotta be one of the best inventions ever for tea (besides my own creations of course :S). And as usual I have my best friend, Stacie Jacques, to thank. She gave me this:

teafu 022

for Christmas. And to be honest, my first reaction (to myself, not aloud) was “Great!  Another one of those horrible teaspoon infusers.” I’m sure you’re familiar with the ones I mean. Those great ones that leak tea into your water if you try to put more than half a teaspoon of leaves in it. I find those to be the most awkward, unbalanced, unhelpful type of infuser. So needless to say I was more than a bit un-psyched with my present. Until I saw that it did this:

A tea infuser that balances so you can fill it? YAY!

A tea infuser that balances so you can fill it? YAY!

Then I was a bit intrigued. So I took it home and used it and was blown away. The TEAFU is awesome. Seriously. Here’s why:

1. It does not drip. All all. Ever. I don’t know how they do it, but I take it out of my tea and stand it upright on the counter and there is no horrible tea stain left behind. The handle isn’t even wet!

2. It squeezes! Yup. That’s right! In case you’re not already aware, this is a great feature if you drink medicinal tea, as it allows the water  to fully penetrate the herbs, releasing more of the active agents into the water.

3. As I have already pictorially mentioned, it stands on its own. Prime and revolutionary feature for us moms who are often trying to make tea one-handed.

4. I can’t speak with certainty about the longevity of the Teafu yet, but it certainly appears to be well made and from quality materials. Because of the high volume of tea I drink daily, both for joy and for work, I break a LOT of metal tea balls. I’m very excited to see if this one stands up to my needs as well as it looks like it will.

5. IT’S PURPLE! And if purple isn’t your favorite color, it comes in several others as well 🙂


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that Dreamfarm is not paying me or reimbursing me in any way for recommending their product. I really am just genuinely impressed with this infuser. And I would never endorse a product I didn’t believe in anyway, even if they did pay me.

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