About us

Me and Stacie at her wedding.

About KerisKures

Keri’s Kures was launched 8/13/2012 after friends suggested I start selling the herbal cures I create to help improve their quality of life.

I’ve had a passion for alternative medicine for years, but as I was focusing on my career in working with troubled adolescents I used my instinctual talent for teas to help my friends. Sometimes it was a slow to knit break or strain, tummy troubles, or sleeplessness, but the result was almost always super positive. I even used it to treat ADHD in my daughter when she was in elementary school. Now my oldest is a teenager, and my son (7 months) is very attached to me, and I just can’t imagine going back to a career that keeps me away from them for 10+ hours a day. But I also can’t see myself not working to help others. Widget-making is not for me. So, with lots of love and support from my friends, I finally took the leap and opened this shop. My goal is to help everyone live a healthier life, so they are in good condition to pursue their happiness.


Owner, Custom Herb Mix Creator

I studied and practiced herbal medicine for myself and friends and family for over 10 years in Vermont, almost entirely self-taught from books. Now I am ready to offer what I’ve learned to advance the wellness of others


Designer, Label And Marketing Art

Working for a Vermont non-profit by day, Stacie uses her artistic skill as the mood strikes (but only for very worthy friends). She enjoys mixing old-school mediums such as watercolors and pencil with various free photo editing software.

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