Help Me Not Slap a Bitch Tea


Help Me Not Slap a Bitch tea is a powerful blend of medicinal herbs formulated to relieve your  physical and emotional discomfort due to menstrual cycle. Its delicious flavor is due to the main ingredient CHOCOLATE! That’s right, it turns out there is a medical reason we crave chocolate at that time of the month!  Because we use a medicinal grade cacao bean, this tea’s benefits are much more beneficial than munching a chocolate bar.

Although the FDA has not evaluated these statements, the ingredients in this tea have been subject to many scientific studies. Research has proven they have the following properties:
– energizes the nervous system

– diuretic

– induces euphoria

– increases progesterone

– regulate menstruation flow

– reduces headaches

– reduces breast tenderness

– reduces bloating

– reduces anxiety

– calms mood swings

– anti-inflammatory

– reduces pain

Best results are achieved by using this tea 3 – 4 times daily as soon as you begin to feel symptoms and throughout your monthly cycle.

In addition to the above, these ingredients have been used extensively by Native Americans over hundreds of generations for, among other things, alleviating uterine spasms, easing muscles and cramps, regulating the menstrual cycle, hot flashes, acne, migranes, lactation, fatigue, digestion, mental fatigue, anemia, reducing pain, calming anxiety, stress and nerves, and relieving tension.


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