Sustainability Statement

Keri’s Kures is fiercely dedicated to having the smallest possible impact on our earth’s precious resources. To this end we use the least possible packaging and ensure the packaging we must use is sustainably produced. We reuse packaging products as many times as we can. Below are a few examples of our sustainability practices:

Local Customer Container Reuse Discount: Customers who do not require shipping for their tea purchases are encouraged to get their tea in reuseable glass jars which can be refilled. Customers who choose this option receive one dollar off each time they have a jar refilled.

Least Possible Packaging: When you choose to purchase a Keri’s Kures Tea, you will notice each tea bag is not individually wrapped in paper, nor does it have an “ID” tag as is common with commercial teas. We recognize this requires our customers to put a little more thought into organizing their teas for home use, however we believe our customers will appreciate the reduced use in paper products.

Sustainable Packaging: All Keri’s Kures Teas are packaged in a PLA-lined Kraft tin-tie bag. These bags are made from 40% recycled natural Kraft paper. The PLA lining is made from annually renewable plants. After removing the tin-tie and labels, our bags are fully compostable within 90 days. If you choose prepackaged teas (as opposed to loose leaf), your tea is packed into single-use tea bags made from sustainably harvested wood pulp. Because these bags have not been bleached, they are also fully compostable.

Call for Customer Feedback: Keri’s Kures is a tea company, sadly we are not also sustainability experts. We welcome your ideas about furthering our sustainability practices, and we are actively seeking ideas on the following subjects:

–          Sustainably manufactured product and shipping labels, especially without the use of chlorine

–          Locally sourced (Vermont) bulk organic medicinal herbs available year-round

–          Information about solutions to the need to ship products to long-distance customers: do some shipping companies have better practices?

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